Tampere Film Festival 2011 double win!

Taulukauppiaat - The Painting Sellers wins over 30min category in Tampere film festival! A short experimental film edited by me last fall, directed by Jan Ijäs "Sweet Mov(i)e" wins the Risto Jarva- prize!

"yli 30-minuuttisissa juhli fiktio. Pääpalkinnon voitti Juho Kuosmasen ohjaama fiktio Taulukauppiaat (2010)
...Risto Jarva -tuomaristo antoi palkintonsa Jan Ijäksen kokeelliselle elokuvalle Sweet Mov(i)e (2010)."

<- Photo by Juho Kuosmanen

Tietoa Risto Jarva palkinnosta
Lue kaikki voittajat täältä

Jury comments:


Director: Juho Kuosmanen Finland // 2010 // Fiction // 58 min
This film takes us, the viewers, to a cinematic road trip with three improbable Finnish desperados to get through their Christmas. An exceptionally well directed, acted and shot drama film opens up the beautiful gray existence of Finnishness.

Director: Jan Ijäs Finland // 2010 // Experimental // 4 min
The film awarded with the Risto Jarva prize stirred a great deal of feelings in the unanimous jury, including envy: This is a film we would have liked to have made ourselves.
The film comments on today's society, on the pornographized image of human beings conveyed by the media, on what is expected and demanded of us, both in the society and in relationships. The message conveyed by the daring imagery of the film is deepened by the wondrously banal music. This unbeatable combination creates a rhythm for the film in the depths of the viewer's own mind.
The maker of the awarded film is brave, uncompromising and not playing it safe. This can also be seen in the perfect length of the film.